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Adapting to Different Platforms

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Recently I heard about yet another tragic death of someone falling onto a subway track. It amazes me that this still happens and that no sure-fire preventative measures are out there to eliminate these senseless deaths.

Not too long afterward, I had cause to use the free train provided from Toronto Pearson’s parking lot to one of the terminals. What struck me was the amazing built-in safety system on the train platform. The tracks were inaccessible from the platform thanks to a glass wall that only slid open when the train arrived. Somehow the train was able to stop so that the door openings on the platform matched the egress from the train. This allowed for a seamless and safe entry. What a lightbulb moment! When a system like that is so great and works so well, it only makes sense to use it across literally as many platforms as possible.

The work we do at HSI® is work that can be mimicked across different platforms, sectors, and environments. Studies on working in small teams works equally well for civilian firefighters as it does for small military units. Decision-making tools are needed in healthcare, business, in control rooms, and the like. Choosing the best soldier helmet design is a process that can easily be used to design helmets for police officers on highway patrol. All of our work is adaptable to various applications. Regardless of what platform you’re on, the sky is the limit.

Dianne Pinder

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