Regardless of mode of transportation (road, rail, aviation, maritime) ensuring effective user-centred design is vitally important to prevent users from being killed or seriously injured. Human Factors play a significant role in transportation accidents. Human Factors considers the environmental, psychological, physical, and vehicle design factors that leads to the safe operation of the vehicle.

HSI® provides leading edge Human Factors knowledge and methods to evaluate, analyze, model and report on equipment and technology that affects operator behaviour, passenger safety, and situation awareness. HSI® staff and Associates have worked on a diverse range of projects including:

  • Design reviews of transit vehicles
  • Air traffic control displays
  • In vehicle navigation displays
  • Road symbols, signs and wayfinding systems
  • Controlled closed track studies of devices such as lane departure warning systems
  • Design of child safety-restraint seats
  • Driver distraction, loss of situational awareness and road traffic accidents
  • Open road observational studies of aggressive driver behaviours
  • Human-centred accident investigation methods
  • Vehicle fitness inspections, seat belt investigations
  • Pre- and post-impact vehicle dynamics
  • Evaluation of driver processes
  • Railway accident patterns