Warfighting is a dangerous, high risk occupation where the impact of poor human factors can be measured in higher casualties, fatalities, failed missions, serious errors, poor decision-making, ineffective teamwork, discomfort, and reduced morale, to name a few. There is little margin for error in applying human systems integration and human factors principles to the design of warfighting equipment, systems and sub-systems.

For over 35 years, HSI® has been providing our military clients with leading edge human factors and human systems integration support to the acquisition, design, development, research, and testing of clothing, equipment, vehicles, command and control systems, weapons, workstations, and software.

HSI® has the experience you need to make the best decisions. Our wide ranging experience since 1982 includes over 1000 contracts, major and minor, in Human Systems Integration, Human Factors, Human Performance, Training and Health and Safety in many different high risk sectors – including the Canadian Army and Navy, The U.S. Army and Marines, and armed services in Singapore, Australia, and Europe.

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